Trenton was the major city in Colonial New Jersey. Co-authors of Founders of New Jersey: First Settlements, Colonists and Biographies by Descendants include 109 members of the society who used colonial records and documents to write biographies of their pioneer New Jersey ancestors. The colony was called New Netherland, and included parts of modern-day New York and New Jersey. In 1779 he was once again elected to the Continental Congress, where he worked mainly in the areas of supply and finance. The climate, combined with fertile soil and the general geography, made New Jersey ideal for farming. The area of New Jersey had the fertile soil even though the geographical land was the combination of Southern area and New England. New Jersey. 0 0 1. Founders. But that power didn't last. Berkeley was the co-proprietor of New jersey from 1664 to 1674. Significant Leaders. The Puritans’ strict morality strongly influenced East Jersey government. London Company. The colony of New Jersey was founded by Dutch explorers who colonized the area, then in 1664 a fleet of ships under the control of Colonel Richards Nicolls defeated the Dutch, thus annexing the land for England, the English then became the dominant owners and leaders of the area. Pedigrees from your most recent New Haven and environs ancestor will be housed on the website above. Objectives of the Descendants of Founders of New Jersey: Provide financial support in furtherance of the research and preservation of the early history of New Jersey. Colonists arrived in considerable numbers, good order and harmony prevailed, the country proved to be productive, the air was salubrious, and the Indians, being treated kindly and dealt with justly, were found to be excellent neighbours. My colony New Jersey really interested my when I found a lot of the research. Georgia. Kunstdruck (45, 72 x 60, 96 cm) günstig auf Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie kostenlose Rückgabe für qualifizierte Artikel It was included in Middle Colonies. Many of its early settlers were Quakers who came directly from England, Scotland, and Ireland to escape religious persecution. Founder. New Jersey
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2. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The colony of West New Jersey continued to prosper under Penn and his associates. South Carolina . Line Engraving American 19Th Century. And When Did this happen? Today, it is a large city named Jersey City. 8 Supporters of Charles II. The founder of Colonial New Jersey was George Carteret. Revolution. Primarily a rural society, the colony grew to have about 100,000 people. Cecilius Calvert. John Berkeley. Descendants of Founders of New Jersey Dedicated to the Origins and Heritage of New Jersey. New Jersey - New Jersey - History: Before the Europeans arrived, the Delaware (or Lenni Lenape) Indians had long occupied the region. Virginia. New York and the American Revolution . Almost a century passed before colonization began with the arrival in 1609 of the English navigator Henry Hudson, who sent a party to explore Sandy Hook Bay. [1][2] It was the third settlement founded in New Jersey, after Bergen Township (later dissolved into Hudson County) and Elizabethtown (modern-day Elizabeth). In addition to serving in Congress, Houston remained active in the affairs of the College of New Jersey and also found time to study law. 2012-07-06 21:25:44 2012-07-06 21:25:44 . New Jersey Date Found. All my information you will be reading is about mostly the past some in this time. New York did not sign the Declaration of Independence until July 9, 1776, as they were waiting for approval from their colony. James Oglethorpe. The New Jersey colony had a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters. Only after the colony became British did Jersey become the official name. New Jersey … Once we have a working group it will be announced on the various internet sites concerned with the New Haven Colony. It was founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret in 1664. Facts about Colonial New Jersey tell you about the history of New Jersey. (1) - 1664, The colony is taken over without bloodshed from the Dutch by the British. Newark was founded by conservative Puritans, chiefly from three towns in the New Haven Colony. Our founder. New Jersey, along with the other Middle Colonies of New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, had less severe winters than the New England colonies and cooler summers than the Southern colonies. Henry Hudson, although British, claims land for Dutch; 1664 . New Jersey later became a royal colony in 1702. Maryland. Answer. With all the research I did on New Jersey, I think the history of its colony and how it became and what it has gone through is interesting. More Revolutionary battles were fought in New Jersey than any other of the colonies because of its central location between New York and Philadelphia. - 1613, the Dutch establish the first fort in New Jersey called Fort Nassau (2) - 1660, the Dutch establish their first permanent colony called Bergen, or Jersey City. Newark, New Jersey, was founded in 1666 by Connecticut Puritans led by Robert Treat from the New Haven Colony to avoid losing political power to others not of their own church after the union of the Connecticut and New Haven colonies. Berkeley and Carteret were looking forward to making a profit off of New Jersey, offering settlers who came large tracts of land, generous terms, religious freedom, trial by jury, and a representative assembly. New Jersey. In 1524 the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to reach New Jersey.
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