In L. W. Anderson (Ed. The use of modules also encourages independent study. Finally, the approach utilizes computer conferencing, which supports communication between learners and teachers. The result reveals that the students defined words formally. East Lansing, MI: College of Education, Michigan State University. In ET 5 (Definition, Comparison and Contrast) with a total of 33 items got a mean score of 13.23 which shows that the students had worked on them partially. The scores of the control and experiment groups in the regular, assigned and evaluative tasks were determined. Assignment and Supervision of Seatwork. The grand mean of the control (13.37) and the experiment (21.14) did not register a significant difference at .22933 which means that the students performed almost equally in the tasks that they were given to work on individually. The students in the control group did not define the words informally good enough. The autonomous learner is a self-activated maker of meaning, an active agent in his own learning process. 1990, p. 16. TRIOA, G.A. In this respect, the Information Communication Technology plays a much broader role along with education modules such as the distance learning programs and education efforts for students unable to study in universities of their choice, which were earlier not possible. In D Denham & A, Lieberman (Eds.) Surigao del Sur State University, Tandag Campus. Modular Instruction’s Impacts on the Students Positive Impacts The Technical Writing classes were conducted for both the experiment and control group. This means that the students omitted the relative pronouns in the sentences. Teachers working to help students achieve their goals may struggle in the distance learning environment. This means that the students in the experimental group were able to identify the processes involved in photosynthesis. He also maintained that experiential learning answers the needs and wants of the learner and involves the learner more to initiate and evaluate himself. This implies that the students replaced the defining and non-defining relative clause with the –ing form of the verb. It is a set of learning opportunities that is organized around well-defined topic which contains the elements of instructions, specific objectives, teaching-learning activities and evaluation using criteria-referenced measurement. Teacher-to-student and student-to-student communication play a vital role in an online learning environment. The classroom behavior setting: Its nature and relation to student behavior. With a previous lesson on completing the data of a table from an input, the students were bale to perform the task according to the pattern given. With the influx of technology when time and space has been reduced by gadgets, instructional materials to promote individual and independent learning is important. Besides, the examples that were given may not have been enough for the students to understand. They are learning how to learn; they are empowered. Discipline and Group Management in Classroom. The students’ competence on sentence emphasis conveys that they could write balanced sentences and they could emphasize their point either at the beginning or at the end of their sentences. Various activities and quasi teaching concerns like attendance to seminars, workshops and trainings lessen teachers’ time in the classroom. Compassion, dedication, and commitment are no longer enough. It directs students to practice or rehearse information. The performance of the students in the six lessons was summed up in the summary check with 69 items. The students further know how to rearrange the words such that the terms could be identified by merely analyzing the functions and processes. In summary, these difficult evaluative tasks show that the lessons on these topics were not clearly understood by the students. Thus, when there is failure to learn, it is not caused by the person's inability to learn, but rather to problems present with the learning situation. 2. (Ed. In the region, few researches on the use of modules have yet emerged. In a research conducted on the development and evaluation of technical writing modules 28, results show that students in both control and experimental groups performed differently on the regular tasks (tasks done in the classroom), assigned tasks (tasks done outside the classroom) and evaluative tasks (tasks done to check the comprehension of the students). Classroom activities are neglected or are not enough to help the students develop their writing competence. More precisely, classrooms are physical environments where teachers and learners have the opportunity to become a learning community. U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. Teachers have a crucial role to play in launching learners into self-access and in lending them a regular helping hand 32. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1. Table 1 shows the performance of both groups in the 15 tasks assigned to the students. ET- 3 (Description of a Process) got the lowest mean score because the students had not written a paragraph that described a process. Task 43 (Omitting the Relative Pronoun), the control (6.30) and the experimental (5.42) yielded no significance at 8.79. The students got low in Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses because they were not able to identify the structure in the sentences. However, in blended learning, teachers are no longer the main source of information. Working on these modules will encourage learners to work on assigned tasks on their own in their own pace with minimal supervision and guidance of the teacher to ensure that they learn correctly. They serve as their children’s first teachers, and give them the stepping stones they need to adapt to life in school. 1961. Often students are asked to complete an Orientation before starting their online course. Teachers themselves become enthusiastic. Moreover, the students failed to identify the more specific characteristics of objects showing similarities as well as differences. They were able to combine the sentences using the relative pronoun that and which. They recognized the various steps given for them to use in labeling the stages involved. In R. Dearden, P. Hirst & R. Peters (eds), Education and the Development of Reason. Song, H. (2010). Part of using the module is the task of the teacher to provide reasonable feedback, monitor and help the students see that the assigned task is as valuable as other work 29. Task 35 (Arranging Contrasting Sentences in Order) showed that the control (1.23) and experimental (1.16) did not have a significant difference (.075). The students had not fully identified the stages of a cycle, and the procedure in completing various stages in the process. With little or no assistance from the teacher, the learners progress on their own. Educators believe that autonomy ought to be taken as a highly desirable aim of education. However, for the assigned tasks, the control group performed better than the experimental group. Learner autonomy is best achieved when the teacher acts as a facilitator of learning, a counsellor, and as a resource 10. "Modular Instruction Enhances Learner Autonomy.". Assignments that require independent activity are appropriate and must maintain a level of difficulty that fit the capability of the students 22. As regards the Definition, Comparison and Contrast (ET 5), results revealed a significant difference at -7.661. Additionally, the teacher no longer controls the classroom using the information that he or she possesses since, with the advancement of the Internet, learners can access the information that they require to understand the necessary concepts.
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