Although relieved that it's over, Yusuke is still torn over the loss of Genkai. Kurama is then initially overwhelmed by Ura Urashima, but after having his age reversed it is enough to release Yoko Kurama to kill Urashima. Toguro meets Yusuke and forces him to come with him. Toguro then reveals 60% of his power, scaring Yusuke and Kuwabara who was watching from a distance. Team Uraotogi (Episodes 44-50), Semi-Finals - Genkai's Death (Episodes 51-53), Finals - Team Urameshi vs. He repeats Shishiwakamaru's teleportation trick, conclusively ending the fight with Kuwabara flying away from the arena in a dark bubble. Good times. Right as the young Spirit Detective is getting the hang of his job, a new monster suddenly appears and drags him into the unwanted hell of tournament fighting. 212961207. Preliminary - The Return of Toguro and The Departure to Hanging Neck Island (Episodes 26-27), Round One - Team Urameshi vs. After a heated battle with Toguro using his true power, Yusuke uses his remaining spirit energy to fire one last Spirit Gun. The ferry takes it's leave, as everyone looks out to the ocean, setting the story in motion for what's to follow. That along with Kenshin. Heartbroken, Shizuru is evacuated from the room, and the gang manages to escape with their lives as the arena explodes behind them. 7. Suzuki, the leader of Team Uraotogi, camouflages himself as an old man named Onji (because it motivates him to appear as something he hates, apparently.). With the press of a button, a bomb set by Sakyo is to detonate within 15 minutes, blowing up both his underground lab and the Dark Tournament itself. All that is just the opening arc. 2 years ago. After that Yusuke steps in the ring and at first is lost in Bakken's sweat fog, but Yusuke uses his spirit gun blast to clear the arena and easily defeats Bakken for what he did to Kurama. He is saved by another demon who wishes to fight Yusuke properly. There are numerous video games based on the YuYu Hakusho manga and anime series created by Yoshihiro Togashi.The Japanese name of the series is romanized as YÅ« YÅ« Hakusho and the anime is officially titled Yu Yu Hakusho in North America. The Chu doesn't fight straight, literally. Both characters wallop the other till the Chu collapses. Sort by. Yu Yu Hakusho concluded in 1994 with 175 chapters published. Kuwabara's spirit sword isn't capable of killing him, though, as he constantly regenerates. Hiei strengthens himself to prepare to release the Dragon of the Darkness Flame without crippling his arm again. Yu Yu Hakusho is quite similar to many of its peers. The Masked Fighter is then revealed to be Genkai, who gives Yusuke one final test to kill her to gain her power. Yusuke's power is finally brought to the surface, turning the tides in his favor. Jin at first gets the best of Yusuke, but he is able to win with his spirit wave technique. He doesn't know the nature of Kurama's past life, which is his main failing. After this, Yusuke is in absolute control of the situation. Also conflicted with this one, but I’m gonna have to go with the dark tournament. The game is based on the Dark Tournament arc of the anime. 3.5%. The Dark Tournament . Not that the rest of the anime is bad, of course. Chapter black arc episodes 67-94. saw a lot of arguing over this one so yall know i had to talk about it! You have no idea who excited I am to talk about it. Toguro meets Yusuke and forces him to come with him. Together, they train and battle against enemies who would threaten humanity's very existence. Bringing the magnificent Yoko Kurama out of retirement turns out to be a horrible idea. Yu Yu Hakusho Ultimate Tournament Round by Round match ups End of Series versions of each characterRound 1Gōki vs RotoRound 2Genbu vs BakkenRo As the name suggests it, the saga focuses on the Dark Tournament, a tournament associated by wealthy humans on the Hanging Neck Island. Ichigaki is consequently one-shotted by Yusuke. Spirit detective arc episodes 1-25. The episodes of the Japanese animated television series Yu Yu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書, YÅ«YÅ« Hakusho, lit. Hiei mastered the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, and Kurama was able to access his demon form for … Hiei proudly announces that he would be taking part in all the battles against Team Uraotogi, but Shishiwakamaru specifies that his opponent is Makintaro. With Toguro defeated, it is revealed that Kuwabara, in fact, faked his death in order to trick Yusuke into going all-out. A nurse named Ruka asks Hiei and the Masked Fighter to come to the tent to be treated, but oddly doesn't ask Kuwabara (most likely not seeing him as any immediate threat). The two fight and Kuwabara managed to wound the boy, but sadly he is caught in his yo-yo's and ultimately loses the fight when he stays out of the ring for 10 seconds. Having proceeded to the quarter-finals, Kurama takes on Gama, whose magical makeup imbues him with an incredible yoki. Kurama meanwhile watches the other teams and how strong they are. Once again, Kurama falls back on his botanical knowledge to claim victory. Friction grows between Yusuke and the Masked Fighter, who step outside. In fact, "Yu Yu Hakusho: The Dark Tournament Saga, Part 2 " is pretty much packed with entertainment -- endless one-on-one matches, leading up to a gruesome fight between Toguro and Yususke. After witnessing Kurama and Hiei's abilities Gaou and Imajin attempt to flee, but are killed by Chu for such a cowardly act. Meanwhile, Team Urameshi trains to rival Team Toguro, with Suzuki giving Kurama and Kuwabara gifts for their match because he doesn't like them, but he hates Toguro. Infuriated at Bakken's lack of sportsmanship (or basic decency), Yusuke calls for the next match, intending to teach the demon a lesson. This sudden development slightly disgruntles Hiei, but he's way too fast to lose to Makintaro. The quartet reunites at the boat for the Dark Tournament, while a fifth unknown fighter joins. Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament was released for the PlayStation 2. Hiei is first pitted against Makintaro, who he easily defeats. It is revealed in the beginning of the fight that information pertaining to Genkai's death was withheld from Kuwabara. Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Anonymous 12/15/20(Tue)10:03:53 No. Yu Yu Hakusho : Dark Tournament est un jeu vidéo dispo import Europe, sur PlayStation 2, de genre combat, développé par Digital Fiction et édité par Atari. Although Kurama narrowly defeats Karasu before passing out, in a twist, the fight is deemed a win for Team Toguro (Kurama passed out for a 10 count before Karasu died). As much fun as the first arc of Yu Yu Hakusho was, introducing us to the characters and showing us the world and all the threats contained therein, the show didn’t really hit its best moments as an anime until the second arc. This is because Hiei imbibes the entire Dragon into his body, using its vast spirit power reserves to enhance his own agility and physical strength. 7 comments. A group of demons then attempt to kill Yusuke, who is left helpless as he is unable to use his spirit gun.
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