Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Zoom 057005 Shakey Head Finesse Worm 5" 20pk Junebug at the best online prices at eBay! It is located in the middle of the right center between the taste of the first degree and the first degree. ID p7474. -Garrett This should produce better fish than a normal shaky head set-up. $10.29. They have over 67 varieties of lures and more than 350 colors. Thanks! Something like a Zoom Trick Worm on a 3/16-ounce jighead is likely the first mental image that comes to mind for most anglers when they hear the term. Perfectly balanced shakey head worm for finesse presentations Salt-impregnated The perfect complement to what may be the best high-pressure ... Harmony Fishing - Tungsten Shakeyhead Jigs [Pack of 5 w/ 10 Bait Pegs] (Shaky Head jig Hooks for bass Fishing) 4.4 out of 5 stars 82. “I would watch them follow a drop-shot down and they just wouldn’t run it down like they would a shaky head. There are no reviews yet. The Zoom Shakey Head Worm was designed to maximize your success when fishing the ultimate limit getter, the shakey head. Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait is a great shaky worm head if you are looking for something properly rounded. $4.29 - $14.08. Jump to content. Finess Worms are great for producing fish when fishing in areas that are pressured or in clear water conditions. Simply dragging this rig across rocks or gravel can prove successful for all species of bass. Zoom Magnum Shakey Head Worm-Pack of 15 Shaky head. eyedabassman 336 A shaky head has long been linked to a straight-tailed finesse worm. Strike King KVD Finesse Worm Bait. $4.49 - $22.94. The technique is not only for small finesse worms. Fishing a shaky head is one of the simplest ways to finesse those finicky bass. Zoom Curly “C” Tail Worm $ 3.99. Up size to a 10-12 inch worm with a large jig head and 5-6(0) hook and fish it as a Shaky Head. I've really come to love the Spot Magnum heads. Aqua Dream Gold Weedless Fishing Spoon 1/4 oz WSOG $ 6.99. On a shaky head jig, the tail stands straight up and dances across the bottom, inviting bass to an early dinner. Sizes: Regular Shakey Head Worm: Length: 5" - 20 per pack Magnum Shakey Head Worm: Length: 7" - … The Zoom Shakey Head Worm are best rigged on a stand-up jig. Close search form> Open ... "current" whilst on the bottom on a jig or shaky head setup. From. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Zoom Finesse & Shakey Head Kit (43 Piece) at the best online prices at eBay! by Zoom. Many pros power fish with the technique. For all of the big worm believers out there, I’ve found a great soft plastic that increases the shaky head’s profile while fooling giant bass—the Zoom Magnum Shakey Head Worm. My question: Will a Zoom Trick Worm stand up on a shaky head? You don’t really need any of the things that I use specifically, but being in the same ballpark is important. Morrow’s primary lure all week was a shaky head with a Zoom Finesse Worm on a 3/16-ounce Gambler Giggy Head instead of a drop-shot. 2013. I hear about a lot of them using them on a shakey head. Finesse meets action in this small package that creates the disturbance of injured prey Description While most finesse worms have a straight, “no-action” tail, the curly end of the Shakey Tail worm vibrates wildly when you move it or with the slightest bit of current, adding a … Due to the rig’s finesse presentation, it has received an unfair stigma of catching small fish. (Will the tail float?) I have Roboworms Zoom Finesse worms Zoom trick Worms, but I want a very buoyant worm that stands straight up. Shop with confidence on eBay! The smaller sizes, 1/16 oz, 3/32oz and 1/8oz are considered best for creating the most "natural appearance" when being shaken on the bottom. Zoom Shakey Head Worm . 2 Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Free shipping for many products! The Details of Shaky Head Fishing. This should be an instant favorite with Zoom product fisherman. It’s slender and small, so it comes through the limbs easily. Product item Zoom Finesse Worm, which belongs in category Eels, Worms & Leeches. I also like using big 10-12 inch worms on large shaky heads when targeting deep bass or when after a bigger kicker fish. Fishing, Lures, Soft Plastics, Zoom Worms, Zoom Finesse; Zoom Shakey Head Worm; Zoom Shakey Head Worm. All you really need to fish a shaky head is a medium or medium light spinning rod, lighter line, a shaky head, and a finesse worm of your choice. I catch a lot of fish on a shaky head. Or will it slowly fall down as the jig sits on the bottom? The jig worm is the original Shaky Head. It gets big bass into the boat and onto the podium! It features a flat head that makes rigging effortless and a body that is tapered to give it optimal action with the lightest twitches. All that is needed is a worm and a jighead. Find great deals for ZOOM FINESSE & Shaky Head Worms #B233. And that basic setup earned its spot atop most anglers' minds by tricking hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bass by now. They have over 67 varieties of lures and more than 350 colors. Finesse worm; Perfectly balanced shakey head worm for finesse presentations; Salt-impregnated Do regular zoom finesse worms float? Fish it slow along the bottom through heavy cover to bring out the big fish. Zoom Bait is the number #1 supplier of soft plastic lures for bass fishing and many other species. Brand of the product is Zoom. When fishing a shaky head worm you want to stay in contact with the bottom. Zoom Finess Worms are a versatile bait with a proven catch history across the country. Shaky heads are often considered a finesse bait because of how often they are used for finesse fishing. A finesse worm is the top choice of most anglers for shaky head fishing, but a variety of soft plastics performs well with a shaky jighead. Mccallister25 312 Posted June 11, 2014. Zoom: Finesse worms, magnum finesse worms, and a personal favorite a 4" dead ringer. Made from Zoom’s legendary soft plastic formula, the Zoom Beatdown Worm gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “small, but powerful.” Perfect for a ned rig, neko rig, wacky rig, drop shot, or even a small shaky head, the Zoom Beatdown Worm has no limits and its straight tail design produces a very subtle quivering action that fish simply can’t resist. Features: When big fish need to be coaxed into biting, this subtle presentation offers up a belly full of food Size = 7 inches Straight tail worm Finesse goes jumbo sized Salt-impregnated The Magnum Shakey Head Worm is a longer version of the original Shakey Head Worm, a bigger package with the same tremendous action. The super-soft plastic formulation and full-body taper combine to deliver exciting, … You could experiment in your bathtub with them.... 1 Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Giveaways Newsletter Search. Popular sizes range from a small 1/16 ounce up to a 1/4 ounce round ball or football jighead. But this rig can be also be used with heavier gear, heavier weights, and bigger worms. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Zoom Finesse 4.5'' Often copied, but never matched, the original Finesse Worm is a smaller version of the popular Zoom Trick Worm and can be rigged in a variety of ways, including wacky style on a small hook, on a darter head, splitshot or on a shakey or finesse jig head. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Zoom 049-005 Junebug Shakey Head 5" Finesse Worm Soft Plastic Lure (15 Pk) at the best online … This rig can be used around shallow docks and cover or in deep water. Zoom finesse worm is the best and I also like the Zoom magnum worm , the tail action is great! Designed for use on a Shaky Head jig Stands straight up, and twitches easily ... Zoom Bait Finesse Worm Bait-Pack of 20 4.6 out of 5 stars 460. This specific item has a rating of 4.9. 7. It features a flat head that makes rigging effortless and a body that is tapered to give it optimal action with the lightest twitches. Stickworms, soft plastic jerkbaits, plastic lizards and creature baits are other options for shaky head fishing.One of my favorite tactics for catching postspawn bass suspended under docks is to rig a beaver-style bait on a 3/16- or 1/4-ounce shakey head. 23 - Zoom Magnum Finesse Worm and BPS Stand-Up Shaky Head. Its subtle action and natural undulations attract bass anywhere they swim. Zoom Finesse Worm. “They reacted to the shaky head much more positively than the drop-shot,” he says. Shop now at Amazon. Free shipping for many products! $2.97. So I just bought some Shaky Head Jig Heads on Tackle Warehouse, so now I just need to get some worms. The Shaky Head is not a new technique but goes back to the beginnings of worm fishing. Zoom Finesse Worm; Sale! I use the Finesse Worm a lot when I’m casting a shaky head to deep brush piles. There's a reason so many pros prefer to fish plump, oversized plastics—specifically, the Zoom® Magnum Shakey Head Worm. Zoom Trick Worm-Pack of 20 4.6 out of 5 stars 617. Gerald Swindle, 2004 BASS Angler of the Year and veteran pro, is a big fan of the Zoom Magnum Shakey Head Worm and lends some tips: "Now I have a worm that is bigger in size, longer and has an extreme amount of action, which is key to catching the large bass … Throw it out and fish it with the basic style of a finesse worm," Swindle explains. The shaky head is at its best in 5-15' of water, though many do fish it deeper. In recent years, shaky head fishing has emerged as a solid, proven technique for catching bass. the best color for thw finesse worm is the bait fish color. Lethal with finesse tactics, and especially deadly on a shakey head, the Zoom Shakey Tail Worm delivers a fluttering action that is simply too good for bass to pass-up.Unlike most “no-action” worms, the Zoom Shakey Tail Worm is equipped with a lively, curled tail that creates a … I’m usually fishing like this when the bite is tough in the summer and winter months, so its small profile produces a lot of bites. Zoom Bait is the number #1 supplier of soft plastic lures for bass fishing and many other species. The vibration head is a noticeable lure for new hunters plus the positives. I like several brands but probably use the yum mighty worm the most 1
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